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1 Two 3 Playhouse


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  • "Preferred Choice" - Creative Child Magazine
  • "Seal of Approval" - National Parenting Center
  • "Toy of the Year" - San Diego Family Magazine
  • "Best Pick" - Dr. Toy

Play, fold, decor! The unique 1 Two 3 Playhouse is the coolest HANGout around! A whimsical cloud-shaped clothes hanger serves as the support for the play tent, which can be easily folded flat against the wall or removed completely for storing or washing. The playhouse features a door with a working mail slot, a decorated interior, and loops to store little dolls or other play things.


  • Use as:
    1 – An enchanting playhouse
    2 – A wall decoration
    3 – A practical and fun hanger!
  • Playhouse made of very soft fabric, decorated inside and outside
  • Mailbox pocket
  • Age: 2Y+
1 Two 3 Playhouse