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Nextfit Zip

Featuring fashion that's exclusively Chicco, the NextFit® and NextFit® Zip show off their stylish silhouette in premium knitted fabrics that hug the curves and lines of the seat shell with smart sophistication.

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NextFit® Zip Fashions

Sleek and sophisticated, the Palisade™ fashion pairs a contemporary black and white woven pattern with ebony black knit and luxurious leatherette, trimmed in fresh 2-toned merlot red.
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NextFit Zip Car Seat - Palisade

Representing the perfect balance between night and day, the Equinox™ fashion offers a silky shimmery silver chevron knit paired with rich midnight blue knit and elegant leatherettes that evoke a star-filled sky.
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NextFit Zip Car Seat - Equinox

Bright and cheerful, the Ibis™ fashion embraces baby in the feminine hues of a morning sunrise. The pleasing play of warm coral patterned knit balanced with cozy charcoal knit and premium leatherettes creates a dawn-inspired delight.
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NextFit Zip Car Seat - Ibis

NextFit® Fashions

Chic and stylish, the Intrigue™ fashion keeps you right on trend. A true classic, a simple chevron pattern in timeless black and white pops on the striking black canvas, creating a bold look that's sure to make a statement.
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NextFit Car Seat - Intrigue

Intense and magnetic, the Mystique™ fashion speaks to your sophisticated side. Showcasing both black and deep charcoal, this solid combination resonates strength with a refined red accent.
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NextFit Car Seat - Mystique

Smart and sophisticated, the Studio™ fashion fuses stylish red/black chevron with midnight black knit to give traditional chevron a polished, metropolitan look. Sharp, cool-grey trim accents complete this contemporary fashion combo.
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NextFit Car Seat - Studio

Warm and verdant, the Juno™ fashion evokes a dreamy, summer evening. We paired sunlit green with deep charcoal in our comfortable, silky knits and added a shimmer of silver trim to deliver a vibrant ride in safety and comfort!
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NextFit Car Seat - Juno

The Rose'™ fashion conjures a luminous night sky. Envelop your baby in a shimmery rose blush paired with deep charcoal, and accented by a radiant moonlit trim; all constructed in our cool, velvety knits for a sweet and comfortable ride.
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NextFit Car Seat - Rose

Regal and sophisticated, the Infiniti™ fashion exudes class and refinement. Pairing deep charcoal and grey-based taupe, this neutral combination showcases the finer hues of life.
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NextFit Car Seat - Infiniti

Bold and distinctive, the Pulse™ fashion is classic heathered grey paired with deep tomato-red in soft knits, both complemented by a sporty silver trim. Pulse™ will add flair to adventures while surrounding baby in cozy comfort.
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NextFit Car Seat - Pulse

Distinguished and colorful, the Gemini™ fashion evokes serenity for you and baby. Signified by connecting a shadowy purple with soft grey and featuring a bright white trim, this fashion embodies an imperial trend and is sure to charm.
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NextFit Car Seat - Gemini

Smart and technical, the Gravity™ fashion is inspired by the sleek urban life. Understated black and grey finished in a shimmering technical trim, this elite collection is definitely a highlight.
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NextFit Car Seat - Gravity