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UltraSoft MagicSoothe and snuggle your little one with Chicco’s UltraSoft® Magic™ Infant Carrier. Wearing your baby makes for magical bonding, as the rhythm of your heartbeat and the swaying motion of your steps serve to comfort and calm.

This premium, plush 2-way carrier not only allows baby to fall asleep on your chest, but can be reversed when baby is alert and ready to actively engage in the world. Simply re-adjust the straps to allow the exploring to begin.

The premium padded upholstery, breathable mini-vented lining, and mesh side panels all work to cradle baby in cool comfort. An exclusive cuddle pocket provides additional access to reassure baby with your loving touch.

Ergonomic touches like padded shoulder straps, bi-directional adjustable side straps, and height adjustable lumbar support help to provide a more comfortable fit for parents. Tuck your keys, cell phone, and other necessities in the storage pockets and you and your baby are ready to go everywhere together.

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